Types of laminate floors

Types of laminate floors

Wood flooring is very desirable but exceptionally pricey. The same aesthetic effect can be achieved at a much cheaper price if you opt for laminated floors. Laminate flooring prices are a lot more cost effective and there are many different styles and designs to choose from. Buyers can benefit from even prices if they find wholesale laminate flooring specials in their region. While it may be the cheapest wood flooring option available, it is still durable with an expected life span of five years.

While the laminate floor prices may vary from one supplier to the next, all laminate flooring manufacturers use the same basic materials and processes. Laminated flooring is made up many individual laminate floor boards. These boards are layers of different materials that have been fused together through a lamination process. The main component is generally fibre board because of its strength. A top protective coat guards the photographic image of a particular wood underneath.

Most laminate floor planks are between 6mm and 17mm thick. The best types of laminate floors for your home or office will depend on your unique set of requirements. The best strategy would be to research all the options available and seek advice from reputable wood flooring companies and professionals.

Buyers can choose from a large range of different patterns, grains, colours and shade when choosing laminated floors for their home. Most designs resemble some type of wood as laminate flooring was made to mimic the real wood floor aesthetic.

The type of wood laminate flooring that you decide to buy will determine the installation method required. Most options can be installed yourself but you need to make sure that you have detailed instructions about how to do so. This is because a poor installation may result in damaged laminate floor boards and an untidy aesthetic.

High quality laminate floors will be glue backed. This glue keeps the boards firmly in place and stops them from pulling away from one another once they have been installed. If you do opt for a glueless option then be sure to sure any loose board back into place as soon as possible. This is because dust and sand and fall into the gap if you leave it exposed for too long and this will make clicking the board back into place impossible.

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