All about Cleaning Laminate Wood Flooring Johannesburg

Before you begin a home renovation, it is important not to forget the design of your flooring. When it comes to wood flooring Johannesburg locals know the value a new and well-designed floor can add to your home. In the interest of streamlining the process for your benefit, we will now answer one of the industry’s most commonly asked questions.

How should I go about cleaning my new laminate wood flooring?

1. The experts at Mat Floors suggest that sweep your new laminate wood floor on a regular basis, this will ensure that dirt, and dust are kept to a minimum. Allowing such debris to collect on the surface of your floors can result in unwanted scratches and scuff marks.

2. To assist you during the process of cleaning your wood laminate flooring you can simply make use of a vacuum cleaner with its soft bristle attachment at the same time doing all you can to avoid rough, stiff brushes during the cleaning process.

3. At Mat Floors we recommend that you sweep your floors in the same direction that they are laid. Should there be any small spaces in between the wooden planks, sweeping in this direction will keep dirt from falling into these small spaces.

4. If you have spilled any form of liquid on your new laminate wood floors, it is advised that you clean the spill immediately using a sponge or cleaning cloth.

5. Furthermore, your laminate floors will need a wet wash every few months. For this you can use warm/hot water and a mop, which must be well wrung. Always remember that, when it comes to laminate flooring, the less water used during cleaning the better.

For the best wood flooring Johannesburg has to offer, contact the experts at Mat Floors. Our specialists live to assist those who are seeking the services offered by our industry, we will happily answer any questions you have about laminate and wood flooring.

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